Compassionate Care for African Orphans

“Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world.”
—James 1:27

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Serving Christ at Bethesda Outreach is the perfect place to gain some experience in ministry, to fill a gap year, or bring a team of people for a few weeks. Click here to learn more about how your involvement can make a difference in an orphan’s life.

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The latest from Bethesda

Thanking God for Papa Don and Mama Fran

Don and Fran Stoffel have made a huge contribution to caring for the fatherless by doing what they enjoy doing over and over again. Don and Fran, from Marilla, NY, are both retired and have invested much of their retirement years’ time and energy in serving the Lord...
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What is Your Orphan Care Something?

Bethesda Outreach is focused on helping followers of Christ respond biblically to the plight of millions of orphaned and vulnerable children. A Christ-like view of these children will stimulate hearts of compassion that leads to obedience in caring for the...
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What’s an orphan? Our Bethesda children, who are they?  Frankly there are many kinds and types of orphans.  In fact we now use the term orphaned and vulnerable children as a way to include all types of children who “face the world without the provision, protection and...
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May Child of the Month

May 2017 L.M. L is in her first year of school and thoroughly enjoys Grade R (Kindergarten) this year with her teacher, Miss Johannah (one of our Bethesda graduates). She has had to adjust to new houseparents in the last few months but has done very well. She is quite...
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Orphan Care Seminar

Mark the date in now!  Saturday, May 20th from 9am to noon, Bethesda will be hosting a one day Orphan Care Seminar at Central Baptist Church in Pretoria, SA! The purpose of this morning is aimed at helping those who are asking questions about a greater level of...
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Coming Soon to a Place Near You

This is Johannah Ngwenya and we want you to meet her in person! Johannah is one of our first Bethesda children (now adult) who has grown up into a beautiful, Christian, young woman. She is now one of our Grade R (kindergarten) teachers. She is the oldest (and only)...
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Our First Team for 2017 – Purdue Team #1

Teams at Bethesda play a vital role in helping Bethesda and they are a huge help to us; but, we don’t want that to be the only focus of their trip. The problem of orphaned and vulnerable children is a global problem—and there are many children in all of our own...
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April Child of the Month

April 2017 – O.M. This sweet girl is in her first months of living at Bethesda. Overall, she has adjusted very well and enjoys  playing with toys, singing around the house and coloring. She has also had the chance to go to our crèche and likes participating in...
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EVERYONE can do SOMETHING in Orphan Care

You can imagine my delight when I visited a church in Edwardsburg, MI to present Bethesda Outreach last fall, opened the bulletin and read that they were offering a free babysitting night to area foster parents! Here is an article by Stephanie Graham describing how...
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Bethesda – What We Do!

Welcome to our refreshed and updated website! We want to be a part of the world-wide, gospel focused orphan care movement that God has been stirring up within his church for His glory and for the joy and well being of vulnerable children. What does Bethesda Outreach...
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The latest from JCA

JCA August Calendar

Our most recent calendar is now available for the month of August. Click here for the August Calendar
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JCA July Newsletter

Click here for the July...
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News from Jabulane Christian Academy

Many of you know that we built two additional classrooms in the last months of 2016 so we could start the 2017 school year with the addition of a media center as well as a music room. These two classrooms and the computer lab were our 2015 Christmas Project. We have...
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JCA March Calendar and Newsletter

JCA Calendar Click here to download the JCA March Calendar. JCA Newsletter Click here to download the JCA March Newsletter.
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JCA welcomes 189 new students

Jabulane Christian Academy welcomed 189 students to the first day of school today. Tomorrow, we will add more children bringing our number closer to 200. We are welcoming many new students, parents, some new teachers and the addition of a music room and a media...
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JCA Registration Documents

Click the link below to download the registration documents. JCA Application Form JCA Re-Registration Form JCA Pastors Recommendation Form Medication Waiver Photo Release Form Click here for more information about registration. Click here to download the stationery...
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JCA Stationery Requirements

Click the link below to download the stationery requirements. Grade R Grade 1 Grade 2 Grade 3 Grade 4-7 Click here for more information about registration. Click here to download the registration documents. Please contact us if you have any...
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