My name is G.M. I am in high school and so thankful for my family. They love and care about me and I can always count on them. When I am home, I help in the kitchen by baking and cooking as well as doing some of the cleaning and the dishes as well.  When I have free time, I do a lot of drawing. I love to hang out with my friends because they make me laugh. At school, I enjoy taking Business Studies and Tourism.

I am a quiet person and believe that by being quiet, I avoid a lot of problems and it lets me observe and learn a lot about other people. I often help my younger brothers and sisters with their homework.

I enjoy my church because they preach the true gospel and I serve in church by singing every week. I know I need to keep growing in my knowledge of God and would ask that you pray that I will grow wiser and stronger in my relationship with Him. I want to put God first in everything I do.

Next year will be a challenge for me in school and I want to finish well. I will also have to make decisions about my future and what God wants for me to do. I will appreciate you praying for me about that.

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