The April Child of the Month is A but most people call her with a nickname that starts with “N.”  She is very new to Bethesda and only arrived a few months ago with a group of siblings.

A is 14 years old and still adjusting to new routines, rules, siblings, parents and school. She wasn’t always able to attend school before and it wasn’t taught in English so she has a lot of adjusting and catching up to do.

She really enjoys playing soccer, cooking and reading.  She is a fairly quiet, shy and reserved child but enjoys being with friends.  She also has a beautiful smile.

Overall, her mom says she is a responsible child who doesn’t like to get into trouble. She is helpful to her younger siblings or with others and tries to help them. She is also helpful in the house and often makes breakfasts and lunches for everyone before they go to school.

She is a helpful, loving, and caring child but also struggles with anger and doesn’t always know how to control it.  The Bible, and news about Jesus Christ and the Gospel are all brand new to her so you can pray that she will grow in her knowledge and understanding.

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