T came to Bethesda when he was very young – just a few years old. He bonded quickly with his parents and now he’s one of a group of fun-loving, crazy boys in his home.

T is 8 years old and loves to drum. In fact, he will turn almost anything he can find into a drum. He has amazing rhythm!  He loves to ride his bike and especially play soccer with his siblings and his friends. He is always outside finding something to do.  He can be serious, and loving and everybody’s friend; but he is also sensitive enough to comfort others who are sad.

T struggles to focus at school and at church when he has to stay quiet and listen. Because of that, he often struggles with his   academics so you can pray that his parents and his teachers will know how to help him so that he improves.

His parents have also asked that you will pray that he comes to understand the Gospel and that he will someday put his trust in the Lord.

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