Dear Parents/Guardians
The year 2020 arrived with great anticipation and before we knew it the season changed to autumn and term 1 has come to an end! We hope all 73 new learners and their parents have settled in well into the JCA family. We hope that all our families will have a blessed Easter holiday, filled with quality family time.

May we be reminded during Easter of God’s incomprehensible love for us, as we rejoice  in the fact that God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. (John 3:16)

We urge parents to act preventatively by keeping children at home and avoid public areas such as shopping malls and movie theatres as far as possible. We encourage learners to continue working on their academic work which teachers have sent home with them to be as prepared as possible for the short second term.  Mrs Bonthuys

Grade 5 Natural Sciences Project:
After a lesson on vertebrates and invertebrates  the learners were given the task of making human  skeletons.  The results were amazing.

Edudome Mobile Planetarium Visit:
This was the highlight of the term and the staff were just as excited as the learners about the “Trip to Space” on Thursday.   We are very thankful that we were able to reschedule and this “trip” will now take place on 20 April.

Extracurricular Activities & Events:
Extra-curricular activities (netball and soccer) will take place next term on Tuesdays and extra-classes will take place on Wednesdays (as per the Calendar). Parents are reminded that the learners must be collected by no later than 15:30, as that is when the staff go home.

A reminder that learners who are not fetched by 15:30 Monday to Thursday or by 14:30 on a Friday will be charged a late-fetching penalty (see Page 8 of the Parent & Student Handbook).

Grade 5 Social Sciences Lesson:
After a lesson about the San the learners produced their own fine examples of rock art.

PE / Winter Uniform:
From the beginning of next term our PE uniform (JCA shorts and a round neck t-shirt) will be compulsory for all learners.  If you have not yet purchased your child’s PE kit please contact Mr Deane from MOKAI Branding (sole supplier) on 061 435 9030 or email

Foundation Phase learners are allowed to wear their PE uniform to school on days they have PE.  The Intersen Phase however must wear their uniforms to school and bring their PE uniform in a separate bag.

Optional PE items are also available from the supplier: Cap (R80), PE Bag with learner’s name (R45) and a tracksuit for winter (R600).

Winter long-sleeve shirts:Navy blue long sleeve shirts are sold (R80) from the JCA office  for winter months. These shirts can be worn underneath the JCA golf shirt. (Learners will not be allowed to wear other coloured shirts underneath the golf shirt anymore.)

Progress Reports:
These will be sent home on 18 March.  Note that they consist of two pages stapled together – please ensure that you receive both pages.

The Jabulane Christian Academy staff wish you all a restful and healthy holiday.