My name is B. I am one of two girls in my family. I have always enjoyed dramatic arts and have love listening to music and dancing whenever I have the time. I also enjoy baking and have taken some courses in school to learn how to cook/bake even better.

I love interacting with people and making them laugh. When I am in my home, I usually notice when people need comforting and often step in to try to help solve the problem. I also enjoy making people laugh.

My mom says I am a natural leader and I often organise some of the family events such as birthdays and other special moments. Knowing that I have leadership skills brings responsibility and I am growing in my ability to lead well. My younger siblings or others around me may follow me so I have to be very diligent about making sure I make good choices and set a good example. It’s an area I am growing in. My mom also said that I am a giver and I happily help others when I can.

You can pray for me as high school is difficult and my subjects are hard. Pray that I will not be moody when I am at home and that I will always speak what is true. My parents tell me how God expects me to speak the truth and I am working on it.

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