I believe its entirely appropriate to say that Tom and Jan Jonker are never going to actually retire! Although they are “formally” retired, Tom and Jan never want to stop working or using their God-given gifts to benefit others. When they heard that JCA would have the need of a teacher for a term, they graciously agreed to come and help us.

Tom and Jan Jonker have been involved with Bethesda Outreach for a long time. Years ago, Tom came on his own and stood in for a teacher for a few months. This time he brought his wife Jan, and they did it this time together. Although Jan is afraid of flying, with the Lord’s help, she got on the plane and flew 16-17 hours to minister to a group of children at Jabulane Christian Academy. They have been standing in for our Grade 4 teacher, Mrs Anine Bonthuys who just had a baby girl and has been home caring for her for a few months.  The Grade 4 can be challenging at times (as most classes are) but they have done an excellent job of standing in and moving the class forward for this term.  Although they are now back in the USA, we have all been challenged and motivated by their desire to serve the Lord.