Recently, our older children spent an evening learning what it takes to be a waiter/waitress at the Spur Steak Ranch Restaurant. Spur has a “Shadow Shift” program where older children can spend an evening shadowing their workers to get a first-hand look at that kind of a job. It is also a benefit to the school or organization that those children represent as a percentage of the proceeds from the evening go to that school or organization as a donation. It’s always a great opportunity to encourage our Bethesda and school families to come out to support us AND get a great meal!

We have developed a great relationship with the local Spur restaurant over the last several years and are always grateful for the opportunity to support them and raise some additional funds for Bethesda. We want to thank our great school families for being so enthusiastic about the Spur evenings and this last one was no different. The restaurant was filled with Bethesda supporters from 4PM until after 9PM.



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