God always brings Bethesda the right people at just the right time. I’m speaking of the interns that God brought to us during this year. Alyssa Whyard, Anna Cleghorn and Megan Doyle have all been a great help to us in providing help in childcare, photography, crèche (preschool), teams, and in many other ways. Let me introduce you to each one.

Alyssa is a nursing major at Trinity Christian College. She helped with teams, doing work projects and going out with the teams on some ministry outings. She helped make desserts for our teams and did some cooking with our teen girls. Anna and Alyssa spent a day with the kids from each family, playing games, singing worship songs, doing a craft, and even going around property picking up rubbish as a service project. She was also able to help Kate with wellness visits for our Bethesda kids. Towards the end of her stay she was able to experience our crèche and observe in grade R. She plans to finish her nursing degree and use it in some way for missions in the future. She is excited that a woman who has reached out to mentor her is actually a foster mom, and is looking forward to being a blessing to her as well.

Megan, who is here on a second internship, spent most of her time doing childcare in the homes while parents or relievers were at training. One day, at the last minute, she substituted for Grade R (kindergarten) as well as filling in for a sick Johannah. Her previous internship inspired her to become a teacher, and now she is looking towards remedial teaching. She is excited to see how God will continue to cross her path with Bethesda (we are too!).

Anna just graduated from Faith Baptist Bible College with a degree in Missions. She started off her time by helping with teams in a variety of ways. She, along with Alyssa, spent a day with the kids from each family, giving the mom’s a break during school holidays. Anna helped with crèche, aswell as childcare. She spent intentional time with one of our older girls by teaching her some practical skills that she can use in the job world. She also tutored four of our grade 4 girls in Math and Reading. She is a wonderful photographer with a good eye for photos that tell a story. We will use her many wonderful pictures of our kids for many years to come.