Jabulane Christian Academy began their new school year this month with approximately 230 students in grades R (Kindergarten) through 7. This is a 140% increase in the last 5 years. We need more space as we reach more children and families in this growing community.

We are incredibly grateful to report that $137,000 has been given or promised for the construction of a school hall. Especially encouraging is that 7 churches have participated with generous gifts along with many other Bethesda friends.

Please continue to pray and participate as you are able. We believe that $200,000 is necessary to begin (and complete) construction on the $625,000 project. If you would like more information about this project and how you can participate, please contact our Executive Director, Don Whipple at interimed@boi.org or 765.404.6070.

 You can learn more about this giving opportunity by visiting our website and viewing our JCA Hall video.