Goal: Raise $80,000/R1M as ‘seed money’ allocated to help begin two key projects in 2019 that position Bethesda to reach more orphaned children in a more effective manner.

Project #1 – Start a Place of Safety & Transition home in the Pretoria area.

  • This project addresses the need for temporary care for babies and children as well as the need for transitional housing and life skills development for Bethesda young people aging out of their homes.
  • This will be a joint venture including Bethesda Outreach and interested churches in the Pretoria area.
  • Research and development of the project will initially be led by Bethesda’s Tonya Small with a team of people from area churches. Our desire is to have research done early in the year with definite plans approved and possible launch of this ministry by the end of 2019.

Project #2 – Training and development of South African administrative staff.

  • This project addresses the need to place qualified South Africans in key administrative positions who can communicate the vision of Bethesda Outreach and develop partnerships with area churches.
  • The target of this project is to identify and fund the development of South African individuals to both lead and work alongside US and SA staff. Our desire is not to decrease US missionary staff but to raise up more SA staff  in leadership positions.
  • We have identified a few South African individuals who love the Lord, are committed to a local church and have expressed a desire to minister in orphan care at Bethesda. These funds would allow us to offer internships, part-time or full-time employment and specific job related training to both assess and equip these potential staff members over the next 12-24 months.