Fritz and Masello Shikwambane have served the Lord at Bethesda as houseparents since its earliest days. We are so grateful for their work, their stability, and faithfulness in having raised countless children and faithfully teaching them the Word of God. After 14+ years, Fritz and Masello will be moving back into the community to work in an old age ministry started through their church. From mid-December, Fritz will continue to work days at Bethesda while Masello will be working at the old age home. It will take some time to adjust to daily life without children around all the time but we know that God will give them grace and strength to make this transition. We will introduce the new houseparents to you in our next updates so that you can begin praying for them by name.


Jones and Lenah Phago have also been serving the Lord at Bethesda for many years along with the Shikwambanes. We are also grateful for their longevity and the faithful input that they have had in the lives of many children along the way. At the end of March, they will also be moving back into the community and taking a few of the children with them as they are the only parents some of these children have ever had.  We appreciate so much their sacrifice and dedication to finishing the job well. Jones will continue to work at Bethesda a few days a week and you can pray for him and for Lenah as they make the transition back into the community. We also have houseparents ready to step into this home and we will do introductions in an upcoming update.