We are halfway to our goal of $11,500/R138, 000

DrawingBethesda’s school, Jabulane Christian Academy (JCA) has grown in the last years to where we have two Grade R classes (Kindergarten) and in 2018, we will have two Grade 1 classes as well. We have been raising money to put in a dedicated playground for the little children where they won’t be so overwhelmed by the older and bigger children. The way a 13 year old plays is very different to a 6-7 year old! The playground equipment is also designed to help improve those developing motor skills such as balance, coordination, agility, climbing, and visual perception. This need for better development has become more pronounced with the large increase in the number of students at our school this year.

We have been able to order a portion of the equipment needed and will begin working on digging out the area where this will be installed. We are about halfway to our goal so if you are looking for a worthy project to give towards, please consider the JCA playground. You can  follow the links to the giving page.