Dear Parents and Caregivers,

It’s hard to believe we are looking ahead to November already. The last full month of school. We pray that your students will keep learning, prepare well for exams and end of year assessments, and finish strong! Thank you for allowing us to partner with you this year.

Big News for Foundation Phase!

On Monday the first phase of the new playground for foundation phase students opened! The children were excited to try out the monkey bars, fireman’s pole, additional swings, playhouse, spiral slide, tunnel, bridges and more! There are a few more pieces we’d like to add, but are thankful to have the additional place to learn through play!

Condolences to the Musehane family

Dear Parents and caregivers,
We would like to say we are sorry for Mrs Musehane for her loss. It’s a very sad thing we had to hear that she has lost her husband. We pray for her and her family daily and hope that God heals their hearts. We hope that she finds it in her heart to find happiness and that God blesses her. We would like to say that we very sorry and we are praying for her. May God bless her and her family with more.

By O Matjokane

Shirt Orders for 2018

You can order shirts before the 10th of November. You can order after that date, but it will most likely be too late to get the shirts before the start of school in January.

Current Prices:
Youth size 3-10 years: R120                                                          Youth size 11-14 years: R130
Adult Sizes= XS-L= R130                                                                 Adult XL: R140

By B Ledwaba

Tuck Shop and Civvies Days

It’s tuck shop time…Everyone wants a snack
27 October
10 November
17 November
1 December           by G Mashike

Exams Are Coming

Dear Parents and children,
Please note that the exams will start on the 20th of November and run through the 30th. Students, please make sure you study and give the exams your very best.

Sincerely yours,  K Moyo.

Farewell to the Grade Seven Students

We grade sevens have to say farewell. Good luck to all the grade sevens who are going to high school.  by K Moyo

School Photo Reorders

Dear Parents,  we just want to tell you that if you re-ordered school photos, they should arrive soon after the 10th of November.

By T Maoka

Upcoming Important Dates

12:00 dismissal each day from 20 November through 6 December.

Exams start on the 20th November.
No school on the 23-24 November.
December the 4th the is a Fun Day.
December the 6th is the Honour’s Programme and the last day of school.

By G Makutu

Parent Teacher Conferences- by request

Dear Parents,
We just wanted to inform you that parent conferences will run from 6-9 November 2017. Please don’t miss out so that you can know where your child standing with his/her work. These conferences are by request (not compulsory) and request forms will be sent home very soon. Please keep watch in your child’s diary. Thank You.

By K Magano

2018 Enrolment

We still have some room for grade R next year! So, if you know someone with a child who will be five years old before January, spread the word!

By R Motau

Honours’ Programme is Coming!

Honours’ programme happens once every year. It’s a time where you get to see your children’s hard work that was put in made visible in front of other parents. It is also a time to say goodbye to our grade 7s and good luck to them. It is also a time to fellowship and thank God for being with us the whole year.

Date: 6 December 2017

Place: Team Centre at Bethesda Outreach                            By S Motshedi

Looking Ahead

As we all know we’re getting near the end of the year. We will be closing on the 6th of December.

Next year school will reopen on the 12th of January, as this is a Friday, learners will be introduced to the routine and rules of the school, get to know their classmates and teachers, and receive their textbooks. This will allow everyone to start in with study right away on Monday!

By T Rammutla

Christmas Projects

Each end of year, Bethesda promotes a fundraising project to improve either the ministry of Bethesda or of JCA. For several years these projects have helped to build new school classrooms such as the grade R classrooms and furnish them.

This year, we are aiming big! We are fundraising to build a new JCA school hall! This hall will be large enough for indoor sport, choir programmes, plays, and all school gatherings to name a few. There will also be an office area (looking forward to high school), kitchen, and additional classrooms. This building should set up the school to grow for several years!

If you are interested in being a part of this project or presenting the project to your company for any of their year-end donations, please contact the school office for materials. We would love to have your partnership as we seek to build this tool for continued learning and impact!