The first day of a new school year is always filled with a wide variety of crazy emotions! Excited talking, loud greetings, silent dismay, whispered excitement, fearful crying (from children AND first time school parents)…. You get the picture.

JCA has started another school year and by God’s grace we will take every opportunity to teach all of our academic subjects while opening up student’s eyes to the amazing power and beauty of Christ in the process. We have opportunity to share the gospel and help our students and parents see the love of Christ through us  in our informal conversation and formal teaching throughout this year.

As we listen to the sounds of children doing spelling gymnastics, imitation games, reciting multiplication tables and learning how to line up properly, we are grateful for each and every student and for the teachers who give of themselves to teach and love on these children.

 We have over 52 first time students at the school and just about 175 returning students. There are 174 different families that we have the opportunity to impact for Christ in this year. In total, we have 229 students enrolled and 15 staff. We can definitely use your prayer as we endeavour to use what God has given us to further his kingdom in our local community.

We also started our second classroom for Grade 1 so now we have two separate Grade R’s (Kindergarten) and two Grade 1 classes. We are so grateful for God’s blessing at Bethesda and Jabulane Christian Academy.