DSC00266 - CompressedN came to Bethesda several years ago after singlehandedly caring for his younger brother for a period of time. It took some time for him to settle into being a child again and trusting others to take the role of the primary caregiver for his young brother.

He is a likeable and capable young man who understands himself quite well. When we interview children for the Child of the Month, we normally interview both the child and the parent; however, his mom was not available when we did the interview but she was impressed with his answers and agreed that all that he had said was true. His mom told us that N knows his strengths and weaknesses quite well and that he had given an honest assessment of himself.

N really enjoys playing soccer AND he is quite skilled! He likes to exercise and work out to improve his physical health and develop his strength. He does quite well in the physical education classes at school.

He enjoys being with people and has a great sense of humor. He enjoys making his friends and family around him laugh. He is sensitive to how other people are doing and how they are feeling. He is fairly skillful at using humor to help them feel better about their day or to help them not be so upset or grumpy. He is also a good friend to others and is very loyal to them.

N struggles with maths in school so would appreciate your prayers to help him do better.  He also needs to learn to do maths (and other less enjoyable tasks) without grumbling and complaining because they aren’t fun or what he wants to do. He needs to grow and mature in doing what is asked of him with a cheerful spirit.

You can also pray for him to put his past behind him and rather see it through the eyes of a loving, perfect heavenly Father. He has many questions about faith in God and finds some of it confusing so you can pray that God gives him understanding and clarity about the Christian faith.

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