J is 16 years old and very quickly growing up! J Is a caring person who does well at helping and caring for the  youngest children in his home. He helps around the house doing various chores and is normally quite happy about life. He is not necessarily an outgoing person and is very    content to do things on his own but he does enjoy spending time with his family and just relaxing with his friends.

He loves church and plays the drums for the service.  J says that he likes the messages and being with the other kids. He serves others by talking with them and helping to take down the chairs after the service is over.

His mom says that some of his greatest strengths is that he is growing closer to God and that he cares for and plays with the younger children. She also mentioned that he can sometimes be somewhat short-tempered and a bit stubborn which makes it difficult for him to respond well to correction. He is definitely growing in that area though and she loves to see how he is changing.

J struggles with many subjects in school although he enjoys Natural Science and Music which are his favourite subjects.  J has asked that you pray that he will be able to finish school and be successful at a career someday. He also desires to grow in his knowledge of God and of the  Bible.

He is very thankful for his family because they give him good food and they listen to music with him. They are also very faithful about helping him with his homework.

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