V is a 19 year old young man who enjoys playing soccer as well as cooking (he really likes spaghetti with mince/ground beef). He has grown into a kind and respectful person who tries his best at whatever he does. He helps with the sound system at church and has shown interest in knowing and understanding the Word of God.

He is a quiet person and a peacemaker in his home. He is good about calming down situations and a positive example to others around him. If he sees a room that needs sorting out, he will ask    others to help get it clean while also working with them. He has good relationships with people and enjoys spending time with his friends.

Overall, he is doing well in school and enjoys math. You can pray that he will open up a bit more with his parents so they know how to best help and encourage him. You can also specifically pray that God will work in his heart so that he will soon understand his own need for salvation and accept Jesus.  We look forward to seeing how God will use V in the future.

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