Z is the youngest of all the children in his home. He is 4 years old and has one more year before he starts school. He’s a sweet boy who is outgoing and makes friends very easily. He enjoys helping his mom in the house, and loves to play outside with all the other kids. When he’s playing outside, he’s a rough and tumble boy who enjoys games, pretend karate and playing hard on the playground. He’s very social and enjoys all the other kids in his Sunday school class at church as well. 

Even though he is very sociable, he is very settled and enjoys being home with his mom. He is also very helpful and loving to his siblings and friends. He tries to make jokes (although we are sure these will improve with time), and wants to make people laugh.  Sometimes, he can get quite upset with people who get into his space or take what he thinks is his. Almost every day he says, “Mommy and Daddy, I love you.” 

His parents would ask that you pray that he will understand the Gospel and that God will bring him to salvation. They would also ask that you pray that he learns to obey quickly and share with others around him. Thank you for praying for Z.

Please pray for Z

· To understand the Gospel and come to know the Lord as His Savior

· To obey quickly and share more willingly

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