This is me with my crazy brothers

Hi! My name is … well, I guess I can’t tell you that, but I would like to tell you a little bit about myself so that you know me a little better and can pray for me.

I have lived with my Bethesda family since I was very little, I think about 3 years of age. Now, I am in high school and looking to finish this school year well. I enjoy sitting with my sisters and telling them stories and I love to sing with my friends at school. One of my favorite subjects to study is Natural Science.

I am usually a calm person (although there are exceptions) and I am a pretty happy person most days.  I go to school, do my homework, and help with some of the younger kids. I have chores on holidays and weekends and I even help with the cooking.

I like my church (my dad is the pastor) and we treat each other with respect. I have always enjoyed playing drums and singing so that is what I do on      Sundays to help with the music.  I am also a very good runner.

If you could pray for me, please pray that my maths grades will improve and I’ll do enough study to make that happen. People say I am a natural leader but pray I set a good example. I am thankful for and appreciate my family because they take good care of me and help me understand some of the more difficult things in my life.