A has been a part of the Msiza family for many, many years and he is slowly starting to take some of the leadership in the home. A is a “hands-on, hard-working” type of young man who enjoys working with his Dad doing work around the house (outside) and Bethesda; but, will also clean the house and help with the younger children when he is given the opportunity.

A loves to play soccer as well as fixing cars. He recently had the opportunity to go on an extreme hike with 9 other older boys and fathers at Bethesda and he did really well. He showed himself to be mentally and physically fit and was quite helpful to others when they were struggling.

Although he seems quiet and serious most of the time, his sense of humor comes out when he is at home and he enjoys laughing and making others laugh.  At church, he enjoys singing during the worship.

A says that he is very thankful for the parents God has given him as they have been there for him when things are tough. They loved him the way he is and they appreciate him.

He has asked that you would pray that he will grow in discipline. He also desires to be a better Christ follower and that he will trust God and to grow in his understanding and love for the Lord.