This young man has only been at Bethesda for a few years and came to join his brothers who were already here. After some time, he adjusted to his new family well and is continuing the challenge of learning English. He likes playing sport and doing art (especially drawing) at school. One of the activities he really enjoys is soccer and he is outside playing whenever he gets the chance. He likes to do outside chores and bake – yes bake! In fact, he put baking down as one of his favorite activities.

T is a quiet boy who doesn’t speak a lot and when he does, he speaks very quietly. T is involved in his family’s church and enjoys it because he is learning about Jesus. He also helps with the kids in his church.

As all children, T has some weak areas that need work. He is quite concerned with what people think of him and knows he needs to be more concerned with pleasing God than his friends. He also tends to get angry quickly and can be stubborn when he is asked to do something he doesn’t want to do. He has asked that you pray for him to obey more quickly.

He is thankful for his family because they love him, show him his mistakes, and teach him more about Jesus and God. Thank you for praying for him!