O is one of a group of siblings that we have at Bethesda. She turned 8 this year along with her twin sister. We are so thankful for her how she is growing in her understanding of God and His Word.  Her mom described her as a girl who is kind, loving and joyful. She likes to have fun and have her friends in for sleepovers. She helps around the house by washing the dishes, cleaning the house and doing her homework without being asked.  She is growing in her independence in that she is doing more and more without having to be told all the time.

Even though she’s 8 years old, sometimes she acts more like a teenager . She recently told her mom that when she grows up, she wants to be an educated person with a nice car and beautiful house and that she is going to work every day because she likes a good kitchen—and she doesn’t want dirty dishes in it!  🙂

Her mom has asked that you pray that O will grow in her understanding of God’s Word and applying it to her life. Also, that she will grow in her confidence to do things well.

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