J is nearly 12 and looking forward to Grade 5 in January.  J is a good helper at home and helps keep the boys room clean. He enjoys playing soccer, reading, and playing the drums. He will also help outside by cutting the grass and doing some gardening.

Overall, J is not a fan of school but he likes Natural Science a bit more than some of the other subjects. J. struggles with his behavior at school and does not handle correction well. You can pray that God will change his heart and ultimately save him as that will make the greatest difference in his life. J. is thankful for his home and parents because they love and support him even when he is not always behaving the right way.

His parents ask that you pray for his salvation, and that he will improve in how he responds to them and to his teachers when they correct him. He has great potential to be a good leader in his home and we pray that God will soon transform his heart.