B is a fun-loving and bubbly young boy who is just finishing up his first year of school. He is doing very well academically and picks up concepts quickly. He has already learned to read and enjoys reading books at home.  He likes to color, being at church, making people laugh, giving (and receiving) hugs and playing with friends. He’s a little charmer who sometimes gets in trouble for trying to get people to laugh at all the wrong times.

It is normally easy to know what B is thinking as he quickly shows his emotions whether he is happy, sad, giggling, crying, or angry. He  reacts to things very quickly and is working to be more self -controlled. Although he enjoys playing outside, he prefers to be in the house and is always back inside after a short period of time. He often makes his Grade R (Kindergarten) teacher laugh and she has to remind him that he needs to let her do her job because he is very eager to jump in with the answers.

You can pray with his parents that he will understand the Gospel, and come to know Christ personally. You can also pray that he will learn to be more self-controlled.

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