May 2017 L.M.
L is in her first year of school and thoroughly enjoys Grade R (Kindergarten) this year with her teacher, Miss Johannah (one of our Bethesda graduates). She has had to adjust to new houseparents in the last few months but has done very well. She is quite determined to do her school work correctly and is starting to grow in confidence. She loves to play outside with her dolls and really loves her friend, Z. She likes to say her memory verses to people and is always on the lookout for opportunities to make her new housefather laugh!

Overall, L is a quiet girl who wants to tell the truth or find out the truth about something that she doesn’t understand. She is not one to hide information and honesty is one of her strengths.

Her mom has asked that we pray that she will continue to grow in confidence whether that is in her school work or in the way she interacts with people at home or at church. She would also like to see L continue to grow in her understanding of what the Bible says so that she can know and love God more.

Please Pray that:
She will grow in her confidence at school and with people
She will increase in her understanding of the Bible

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