N is in Grade 5 and thriving with his new houseparents. It isn’t always easy to call someone new, “Mom,” but he is adjusting very well. His dad has promised to take the boys to a big soccer match so they are really excited about that! N’s mom described him as “one of a kind,” and that “he’s the one you want to cheer you up.” He is a compassionate young man who is sensitive to how others are feeling—he doesn’t want anyone to be in a bad mood so he encourages them and tries to make everyone laugh.  He is also very eager to help out.

His behavior at school has improved this year and he and his two best friends (M and N) are thinking of starting a study group to help improve their marks. He especially likes the computer classes that he takes and often tries to learn more when he gets home. He has big plans for the future but his parent’s prayer is that whatever he does, that he would follow God. He has recently made a profession of faith and we would ask that you pray for him as he seeks to make choices that please the Lord.

He is very thankful for his parents and loves what Bethesda is doing for him in his life. We are so thankful for God’s work in N’s life.

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