L is 3 years old and has been at Bethesda for just under a year. She is in Temporary Safe Care and doing very well. Her mom says that she loves to sing at church as well as playing games with the other children. She also enjoys doing things on her own as she is at the age where she wants to be more independent. She is a very loving child and happy about life.

Her mom laughs at the way she asks for food because she says the exact opposite by saying, “Mama, I full,” or “I already ate,” which means she’s hungry and wants some food.

The children in her home who used to be the youngest are now pretty  excited to have a younger sister and enjoy taking care of her. For only being 3, she does very well with making her bed each morning and brushing her teeth without having to be reminded.

She’s not nearly as excited about nap time as her mom wishes and that becomes a struggle most days. We would ask that you pray that she would submit to naptime and learn to have more patience overall. Our prayer is also that she will soon have a permanent family situation. We rest in the fact that God loves her and knows her situation and will keep her with us until just the right time.

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