March 2017 – L. M.

This young boy came to us at nearly one year of age but was severely underweight with basic development like that of a 3-4 month old rather than an 11 month old.

In the time since he has been with his new family, he has learned to sit up, eat regular food, roll over, cut some teeth, and pull himself up to a standing position. It will not be long before he is running around the house. In fact, Just last week he took his first steps.

He has become part of a family with 9 older brothers and sisters who absolutely love him. His oldest brother regularly bench presses him up and down in the air which makes him giggle while the others fly him around in the air as he just squeals with laughter. He has learned to move quickly around the house in his walker, and is so busy that he often just falls asleep in mid push.

We are praising the Lord that L was able to come to Bethesda and he is transforming before our eyes from one who was simply trying to survive to a little one who is now thriving.

He is a happy boy who is interested in everything. He is very attached to his new mom and dad and to his oldest sibling who has been with us for several years. What a joy it was for her to have several of her younger siblings join her at Bethesda.

Please pray for L that he will continue to grow strong and to catch up physically to where he should be at just over a year old. By God’s grace, he is doing very well.

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