It was a happy day for one of our houseparent couples when this young lady and her siblings joined their home. B is currently 12 years old and one of two girls in a family with mostly younger brothers. Some of the things she really enjoys doing at home are cooking, sewing and playing with her friends. Over this past Christmas break, she and a few other children were very helpful with some of the chores that needed to be done around the property and she was a standout worker!

She is a fairly serious girl but when she feels comfortable, she will be full of giggles and make people laugh. When she is at home, she is a good helper to her mom by        assisting with the meals and helping with the younger    children. She is helpful in the morning to make sure everyone is dressed properly before school.  She does fairly well at school and works hard on her academics. She enjoys art and being creative and you can always expect her projects to be a little bit different and very interesting.

One of the areas that she is struggling in is in the area of self-control. She can quickly display her anger or displeasure and this sometimes turns into disrespect which gets her into trouble at school—although she is making some improvements here. You can pray for her salvation as we know only God can transform her heart. Pray for her parents to know how to help her change her behavior to be pleasing to Him; and pray for her understanding of the Gospel.

We know that God has big plans for B and we look forward to seeing how God changes her life.

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