K is 12 years old this year and has improved a lot in the years that he has been at Bethesda. He has grown into a strong young man and we are so grateful for his progress.

K is a very active person who would much rather be outside playing than doing anything inside. He interacts well with his family but is a bit quieter than many of the other children. He is a kind young man and will always respond when someone speaks to him but will rarely be the one to start a conversation. He is helpful in the kitchen and very good at washing up after a meal.

K will be getting some new houseparents this year so you can pray he will make that adjustment well. He also has some learning problems that make it difficult for him to comprehend well or express exactly what he means. You can pray for him to understand the Gospel on his level and that he will learn to work hard, even when it is not easy.

  • That he will continue to grow strong physically and spiritually
  • That he will persevere when learning is difficult
  • That he will understand the Gospel