N is the oldest of two siblings at Bethesda. He will be 17 years old this year. He has always been a very responsible older brother and we appreciate that about him.

More than anything, N enjoys soccer, both playing it and watching it. He’s very good at it as well. He also enjoys listening to music and watching some of his favourite sports on TV.

He is a fairly serious young man who is helpful inside the house with the cooking and outside as well with the gardening, mowing or other chores.

At school, he enjoys the majority of his subjects and is working hard to do well so that he can have a good future and get the job he would like someday.

As he is one of the oldest in his family, he understands that the younger ones look up to him and he tries to be a good example. He has asked that you would pray that he will be a good example and that his journey with Christ will be strong.

His family has recently started going to a new church so he is not yet involved in anything specific; but he looks forward to getting more involved as time goes on. He   desires to be a better Christian so you can pray that he will grow in his walk with Christ. It’s a challenging time in his life (like many older teens) where he has to make daily decisions to please God or please his friends.

Overall, N is very thankful for his family and for Bethesda and he wants you to know that he is very thankful for you who are praying for him.  Thank you for your prayers.

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