M (right) with her mom and sisters

M (right) with her mom and sisters 

M has been at Bethesda for many years now and is the oldest girl in her home. Because she is the oldest girl, she is taking more responsibility in the kitchen and is very aware that she is an example that the younger children are following.

M really enjoys cleaning the house and doing dishes. (We asked her that a few times to make sure we heard her right!) She is a great help in the house and when she’s not cleaning, she is happily playing with some of the younger children.

She started in a new high school this year and while it was challenging at first, she has made some friends and enjoys playing netball and using the computer lab. Math and Natural Science are subjects that she enjoys studying.

She describes herself as someone who enjoys life and tries to get other people to laugh and be excited about things they can do together.
She likes to cook pap (like grits or porridge) and bake cakes when she has the time. She would rather work in the house than work outside in the garden or weeding flowers. She also likes to help the younger children understand their homework.

When she’s at church, she sings on the worship team and especially likes that her church is warm and welcoming to people. She desires to welcome new people into her friendship circles more quickly and knows that she tends to get angry fast. She wants to set a good example for others so she will appreciate your prayers. She also wants to grow closer to God– even in new and uncomfortable situations (like a new school); and she wants to learn not to worry about things she can’t control.

She is so thankful for her parents who show her much love and care and she is thankful for the new things she learns every day from her family and her parents.

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