As you can see, O has a beautiful and contagious smile! O is one of 7 year old twins who have been at Bethesda for a couple of years now. She has done well adjusting and we are so happy she is here with her siblings. She enjoys playing with the other children very much, loves having a nice sleep or even taking care of some of the other younger children. She is a happy child who is normally full of giggles. She likes to try and play jokes on other people to get them to laugh.

Some of her strengths are that she likes to make friends and does that well. She also likes to wash the dishes which is a great help to her mom. She struggles a bit with school but her siblings and     parents keep encouraging and helping her.

She is a typical little girl with the usual troubles with disobedience and having a good attitude sometimes but she is making good   progress. Thank you for praying for her as she continues to grow and mature and understand more about the Lord Jesus Christ.

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