My name is M and I’m thankful that you are praying for me. I enjoy doing puzzles or listening to music. I also like to watch movies when I get the chance. I don’t really love school but I like to study and learn. The subjects I do in school are Tourism, Geography, Mathematics Literacy, English, Setswana and Afrikaans. I am not involved in the activities after school.

I am excited about life in general and I am not a quiet person. I like to ask questions about life and love being happy. I am the big sister in my home and sometimes help with the younger  children’s homework. I enjoy helping my mother to cook but I don’t like to do outside chores. When we do have to work outside, we work as a family which makes it better.

The church I am going to is still a little new but so far, I like it because they pray, teach the Word of God, sing songs and I’ve met new friends. While I am not yet serving much there, I hope to sing in front of people someday. I am good at decorating and putting things in order. I would like to be better at communicating with other kids and I wish I was better in my studies.

I would really like it if you would pray for me not to follow friends that do wrong things and that I would do better in my studies. Pray that I will love my parents and obey them as well as my teachers and other people in authority.

I am thankful for my new parents because they take time to take care of us and to love us. They also encourage all of us to love God and teach us about life.

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