This sweet lady has been at Bethesda for many years and has grown into a beautiful young lady both inside and out. God has brought her through many challenges throughout the years and she continues to grow and persevere.

J has started taking classes in the area of hospitality and tourism at a nearby college and she is really  enjoying her studies. Academics have always been a challenge but she is working very hard and hoping to pass her courses later this year.

She has been helping some of the small children with their homework and is always assisting her mom in the house. She does a lot of cleaning and cooking and much prefers the indoors chores rather than working outside. One thing she does enjoy outside is playing netball with her friends.

She is quite shy and quiet most of the time but she enjoys spending time with her family at home. She participates at church by singing with the worship team.

Both J and her mom would ask that you pray that she will do well with her studies so that she will be adequately prepared for future employment. You can also pray that she will continue to understand God’s great love for her and to continue to grow spiritually.

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