First Pictures 10 March 2017 (1) -Compressed

This young boy arrived at Bethesda this past March and overall, he has adjusted well. Moving homes and changing parents, siblings, bedtimes, routines, and food (among other things) is always a big adjustment and takes time. He now has the opportunity to get to know his older sibling who lives in the same home. We always do our best to keep siblings in the same family.

S. is still too young to be in crèche (preschool) and would much rather be outside, dancing, or running free around the Bethesda property. He is a loving boy who is full of joy and is learning to quickly get over his anger.

His mother said that he eats very well and that he is a good helper around the house. He brings joy to everyone who is staying in their home. One of his best characteristics is that he is willing to try everything. He is also working to learn to communicate in English. It’s hard for him but he is working at it and soon, it won’t be a problem.

You can pray for him and for his parents to help him learn obedience and to learn that obeying his parents is something that pleases God. You can also pray that he will continue to adjust well to his new parents and family.

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