R is the oldest sibling in her home and has turned into such a sweet young lady. She loves to sing in the choir at her church and has a beautiful voice. She enjoys baking and cooking—especially making pizza, and has begun helping with the grocery shopping. She’s keen to do it on her own but her parents go with her anyway. She’s growing more independent which is a good sign of maturity.

R is still in high school and enjoys Maths and English but finds Tswana difficult. She has had some struggles academically but is working hard to complete her studies. She has also had some health challenges but she is  learning to manage that well.

Her mom says that she is a sensitive and caring person who responds very well to correction. She is definitely a helper! She helps with chores in the home but also with caring for the younger children in the home. We have seen a lot of maturity in R in the last few years.

Her parents and R would ask that you pray that she grow to know and understand that the Lord is near and that He is her strength. Pray that she grows in her knowledge and understanding of her heavenly Father. You can also pray that she will finish school well, continue to have good health and put more effort into her studies.

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