A couple years ago, this young boy joined the Bethesda family as an infant. He had been struggling physically with some early developmental issues but very quickly, he caught up and is a joy to his family and siblings. L is the youngest boy in his family.

This 4 year old enjoys playing soccer with his friends (or anyone who will play). He likes to be outside all the time and is a big help with the outside work—unless there are toy cars outside—playing with cars may or may not be more fun than the outside chores.

He is a very loving young boy who enjoys being around people and interacting with them. He is very chatty and always has a big smile on his face. He enjoys playing jokes on people and tickling them when they least expect it.  When he comes to the admin office, he heads to the back where he can be sure to score a fireball from one of the admin staff.

His mom says that he sometimes struggles with his speech but we know that this will improve with time. He still has a year or two at home before he hits Grade R (kindergarten) and we know that he will be ready to go when that time comes.

He is being taught many things about God and the Bible as his family is very faithful about teaching their children. They are praying that soon, he will begin to understand more about God his Father and his need to become a child of God. It is our prayer that he will follow Christ and be a leader in his future family.

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