L  is going on 11 years old  this year and has been at Bethesda for most of her life. Even though her start was a bit challenging, God has given her a wonderful family to call her own. She is a loving child who enjoys playing outside with her friends. She also enjoys writing when she’s at home.  She is a great help around the house as she cleans and helps out in the kitchen.

L is very sociable and doesn’t like to miss school because so many of her friends are there. She struggles with school work but still works diligently even though its hard.

She recently told her mom that she likes to be at Bethesda because they love and care for her and give her gifts and clothes to wear. Her mom would ask that you pray that she will come to know God and understand His greatest gift to her in sending Jesus to die for her sins. They would also like to ask that you pray that she grows in wisdom. Thank you for praying for this sweet young lady.

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