B will be turning 9 this year and is one of several siblings that came to Bethesda quite a few years ago. His smile and cheery personality are always so fun to see. He is very friendly and always happy to carry on a conversation with anyone that he meets. If you have visited Bethesda, you have definitely met B!

His mom says that he is very helpful in the house and is very good with sweeping the house. He enjoys playing soccer and running—especially running!

He is eager to help, whether it is in his own house or helping his teacher tidy up the classroom. He is very particular about making sure that the place looks very nice.

One area that he struggles in is his temper so would you pray that he learns self control in that area? His parents also ask that you pray that he will understand the Gospel and have a personal relationship with Jesus.  They would like him to take more of an interest in their family devotions as well.  Thank you for praying for this special young man!

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