B is a sweet young lady who has been at Bethesda for several years now. She is the oldest child in her Bethesda family and in Grade 5 at Jabulane Christian Academy. She enjoys being active and plays netball whenever she gets the opportunity. When she’s at home, she tries to finish her homework quickly so she can get to playing or baking. You can often find her in the kitchen practicing her baking skills and her family definitely enjoys trying out all her creations.

B is very sociable and gets along very well with others. She likes joking around and is known as a bit of a prankster. She is a hardworking young lady who enjoys helping others as well as lending a hand with the chores around the house. Although she sometimes struggles with doing outside physical work, she does do her best to overcome this.

Her parents would ask that you pray for her academic progress this year as this is a difficult area for her. They are also grateful that she enjoys going to church but would ask that you please pray that she will both hear and come to understand the Gospel and come to know the Lord as her Saviour.

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