J has been at Bethesda since she was a baby and it has been a blessing to see her grow and change throughout the years. J is working now to learn skills that she will use to help her in her life. Academics has always been a challenge so our prayer for her this year is that she will make good progress in learning some life skills that will give her confidence and the ability to become more independent.

J enjoys baking by herself or with her older sister,   Johannah. She also enjoys doing some cooking, and making spaghetti is one of her favourite dishes. She helps around the house by cleaning, doing the dishes and a number of other tasks that she does well.  She is good about doing what she is asked to help with both the house or the younger children. She has always really enjoyed dogs and was one of our few children who was never intimidated or afraid of our guard dogs. When she has free time, she enjoys chatting with her girlfriends.

At church, she is very helpful in preparing for the service by cleaning the chairs or helping to set things up. She has always made beautiful jewellery and last year, began working on making some cards.

You can pray for J as she is going to be moving to a new family (new houseparents) at the end of March and it will be a big adjustment for her. She also needs to find some skills that she can do and be willing to work hard to improve on them. At times, she can be moody and this is an area in which she needs to grow. She has asked that you pray that she will use her time well and will come to know God more.

J is very thankful for Bethesda and for her parents as they protect her and love her. She is especially close to her mom. Thank you for praying for J!

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