B is going into Grade 3 this year at Jabulane Christian Academy. He is a very social and active young boy who is interested in everything all the time. He loves to play outside with his friends and use the playground equipment around the property. He enjoys his Life Skills classes at school and often goes out of his way to make people laugh.

He will help in the house if you ask and follow up and he is very helpful to his older brother. He is full of energy which sometimes translates into a lack of obedience—especially at school. He is often unfocused  and easily distracted which makes it difficult for him to excel in school or listen well when people are speaking to him. He is bright boy but will need to learn self-discipline in order to harness the skills and     talents that God has given to him.

You can pray for him to listen better and to increase in his knowledge and understanding about God. He has some knowledge of the Gospel but God will need to open his heart for B. to truly know Him. Thank you for your prayers!

Please pray for B and thank you!!

  • That he will develop self-discipline to listen and obey
  • To excel in school and learn to obey
  • To learn more about God and the Gospel