L is turning 11 this year and looking forward to the start of school. He enjoys reading books, going to church and school, and really likes to sing and dance.  He is also a very friendly child who normally has a pretty big smile on his face.  His mom describes him as someone who comforts the others when they are sad, one who helps, and one who likes to make the others laugh.

Almost every day, he has a story to tell about something interesting that happened on the playground or at school.  He is also very helpful when he is in the house.  He is a giving and generous child and recently offered his mom R20 ($1.40) of his pocket money and asked her to go buy them some bread.

You can pray for L as he is easily irritated but we know that he will grow and mature with time and work. Please pray that he will   understand the Gospel and salvation so that he can become a child of God. His parents also ask that you’d pray that he will grow in his self control.  Thank you for faithfully praying for L.

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