T has grown and changed so much since he first arrived to Bethesda and to his new family. He is 5 years and has grown into a strong, healthy young boy. For a while, T was the only boy; but now, he has figured out his place in a house that is full of boys! T is very outgoing and absolutely loves playing soccer. He’s quite good at it too and ends up playing with the kids who are more than twice his age. The older boys have given him the nickname of “baby” and readily welcome him into their soccer games.

T is a mixture of a serious, joyful, and social boy who is very sensitive to the feelings of the others in his house. If someone is in trouble, he feels their pain and quickly  empathizes with them. He is passionate about what he enjoys, and a loving boy who often wants to hear his parents say that they love him. On occasion, He likes to provoke the people around him.

He enjoys being home and following his mom around unless of course, his dad is home and then he follows him. He loves his dad so much and will sometimes go to the school to visit his dad who is a teacher in our school on our property.

T is starting Grade R (Kindergarten) in January 2019 so he will experience some big changes in just a few weeks. You can pray that he will adjust well and that he can    focus on all the new things he needs to learn.

His parents would ask that you pray that he will understand the Gospel better and that the Lord will draw him to salvation. They would also ask that you pray that he will learn to concentrate for longer periods of time. He enjoys family devotions but struggles to stay interested for very long.  Thank you for praying for this precious boy!

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