DSC00294 - CompressedWe love watching B. grow up! She has changed tremendously during the years she has been at Bethesda. She loves attending her church and it is important to her so she participates in everything that she can. She is a great helper in the kitchen and she really enjoys reading.

She loves to share (which may mean that she likes to talk) and everything is “just amazing!” She has a caring personality and is concerned for the well-being of other people. She has several other siblings in her home with whom she has become close and her mom also describes her as being a very loyal person.

As with any child, she has areas that she is working on and you can pray that she will become more willing to help cheerfully around the house. She needs to develop a mind-set of doing a job well—even if she doesn’t want to do it. You can also pray that she will do her best in school. Although it may be hard for her, she needs to work harder to achieve the potential that God has given to her.

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