M is 15 years old and loves to play soccer. He is an outgoing person and enjoys being outside with other kids. He is also a caring person who patiently helps his younger sister with homework. He really  enjoys gardening with his dad and likes to cook—especially spaghetti!

M is an independent person, but also a rule follower. His mom says that he takes correction well and clearly communicates what he is thinking. He helps out in his classroom at school and enjoys Maths. He wishes he was a bit better at Tswana as that is a challenging subject for him.

M enjoys his church because the people are very welcoming. He helps with some of the musical instruments and enjoys singing as well.

M is grateful for his parents because they protect him and are helping him get a good education. M and his parents would ask that you pray that he will study harder, take more initiative in completing his daily responsibilities and that he would come to know God more. Thank you for praying for this young man.

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