K is 15 years old and has been at Bethesda for many years now. We have enjoyed watching how he has grown and changed over the years. He is a very good older brother to some of the other children in his home and he has a special place for one of his baby sisters whom he loves and cares for so well. He is very helpful in the kitchen and especially likes macaroni and cheese.

K struggles with academics but is nonetheless a hard worker and growing in other important life skills. He is helpful with the poultry and eggs project as well as many other outside chores. He is always happy to help someone who needs it.

He enjoys being with his friends but is also happy to be in his own quiet spaces where it is calm. He is not one to stir things up but rather tries to keep things peaceful. His mom says that overall, he takes instruction and correction well. He does find it difficult to respond well in the moment when he get upset and angry. You can pray that he grows in his self-control and finds better, more God-pleasing ways to solve problems.

You can also pray that God will work in his life and help him understand the saving work of the Gospel.

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