T is a young man who enjoys a variety of activities such as singing, baking and helping with the chores (most of the time).  He is normally a joyful person ready with lots of jokes. He is good at art and enjoys friendly dogs. In general, he is not a fan of school or homework and as a result, he is struggling academically this year.

He loves to play outside with his friends and works to get some of the other boys to exercise. He will also try to organise soccer games with as many people as he can put together for a team. He has leadership skills with the other children so pray that he uses those skills positively. He much prefers to be outside doing things with his friends rather than spending time inside.

You can pray for T as he is struggling to make good choices. He sometimes has a short temper and struggles to do right when he is angry. More than anything, He needs to know Christ as his    personal Saviour who can change his heart and help him to do right.

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